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Posted Feb 01 2013 3:32am
‘It’s not a great deal Michael Kors Tote Bags towards the furnishing,’ said Traddles, ‘but 
it’s something. The table-cloths, and pillow-cases, and articles of 
that kind, are what discourage me most, Copperfield. So does the 
ironmongery—candle-boxes, and gridirons, and that sort of 
necessaries—because those things tell, and mount up. However, 

and hope!” And I assure you she’s the dearest girl!’ 

‘I am quite certain of it,’ said I. 

‘In the meantime,’ said Traddles, coming back to his chair; ‘and 
this is the end of my prosing about myself, I get on as well as I can. 
I don’t make much, but I don’t spend much. In general, I board 
with the people downstairs, who are very agreeable people indeed. 
Both Mr. and Mrs. Micawber have seen a good deal of life, and are 
excellent company.’ 

‘My dear Traddles!’ I quickly exclaimed. ‘What are you talking 

Traddles looked at me, as if he wondered what I was talking 

‘Mr. and Mrs. Micawber!’ I repeated. ‘Why, I am intimately 
acquainted with them!’ 
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