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Posted Feb 02 2013 7:16am
‘Mr. Copperfield, my sister Clarissa Toms Shoes Hot and I have been very 
careful indeed in considering this letter; and we have not 
considered it without finally showing it to our niece, and 
discussing it with our niece. We have no doubt that you think you 
like her very much.’ 

‘Think, ma’am,’ I rapturously began, ‘oh!—’ 

But Miss Clarissa giving me a look (just like a sharp canary), as 
requesting that I would not interrupt the oracle, I begged pardon. 

‘Affection,’ said Miss Lavinia, glancing at her sister for 
corroboration, which she gave in the form of a little nod to every 
clause, ‘mature affection, homage, devotion, does not easily 
express itself. Its voice is low. It is modest and retiring, it lies in 
ambush, waits and waits. Such is the mature fruit. Sometimes a 
life glides away, and finds it still ripening in the shade.’ 

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