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China will no longer be synonymous with mens nike lunarglide 3 humiliation

Posted Dec 06 2012 7:36am
59 years ago today, the greatest, the most glorious day in the history of China, the Chinese people will never forget the day. In the great solemn oath of a sudden, the Yellow boiling, Yangtze River roaring applause and cheers resounded through the north and south, and the Great Wall. China will no longer be synonymous with mens nike lunarglide 3 humiliation, China has been in the rise of the East is undeniable.May 12, 2008, eight major earthquake, Wenchuan earth shattering, Sichuan mountains shake. In an instant, tens of thousands of creatures have been trampled on, beautiful urban and rural change ruins. The sound of loud reading the book, came to an end, Yin Yin and laughter, and instantly gone.

Rivers whimper, heaven and earth with sorrow. A catastrophic disaster, witness the party's governing purpose; critical moment, to test our courage perseverance. Disaster is an order, time is life. The party and the country's rapid reaction, the establishment of a strong headquarters. The sonorous relief orders nationwide Qidong Yuan. Mighty force, to save thousands of masses. There is a glimmer of hope to do cheap nike free run 3 our utmost to achieve! The earthquake destroyed their homes, destroyed can not afford the confidence and courage of the broad masses of the people; landslides blocking traffic, every constantly party and the people of flesh and blood. The party and the people to build on the great wall of steel to contain the spread of the disaster; warmth merged into hundreds of millions of hearts, gave birth to the Wenchuan springtime.
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