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causing part of the nike air max bw cheap accounting

Posted Oct 04 2012 2:31am
The second part of the enterprise system is not perfect, imperfect oversight mechanisms, individual leadership at the helm for the case for local interests or personal gain, false and exaggerated, instigate, or even compel the accounting staff to prepare false accounting information, such as not intended to act, the accounting staff will be faced with the predicament of being laid off, fired, causing part of the nike air max bw cheap accounting personnel in order to keep their jobs to survive and not be able to adhere to the principle, and forced to participate in the fraud, harm the interests of the state and collective. Third, part of the accounting staff professional quality is poor, low moral qualities, and even individual accounting personnel are not professionals, have received no formal schooling, but halfway decent. Under these conditions, due to the understanding of the accounting system and accounting standards are not in place, coupled with poor sense of self-restraint, to deal with money every day, it is difficult to distinguish the pros and cons, tempted, leading to the nike air max 2012 cheap emergence of illegal behavior, corporate and social economic losses. Accounting personnel can not be immersed in the complex day-to-day affairs. To grasp the pulse of the times, to work with the reform and opening up, with serving the people linked, depending on national interests above all else, to strictly abide by state financial laws and regulations, meticulous act in accordance with the financial system, accounting management seriously. In contact with the people, "I do not have time and you cackle" rude little less, a little more equal patient communication; little less "does not believe rumors do not pass rumors" discipline, more than a little public information disclosure. Should keep in mind at all times, the interests of scientific and effective coordination mechanism, expression mechanism, conflict mediation mechanism, equity security mechanism is the most effective antidote to eliminate irrational.
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