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Carolina Panthers jerseys game makes intoxicatio

Posted Nov 17 2012 1:40am
of the sleepy little bright spot. Race to the first 52 minutes, both players suddenly found kicked kicked the referee was gone. Where were you? new york giants jerseys? Broadcast lens quickly switch to the sideline, the original, wear high-tech equipment in general Enka referee out of the question, this issue will undoubtedly affect he whistled the game, he had hurried the end, the assistant referee opened referee clothing to help organize their own referee clothing internal parts. Game interrupted for about 2 minutes. The ugly scene, fans not worried about the vent Thus, the scattered boos in the Amsterdam Arena rang up. The Portuguese general Enka last season's star referee last season, the Champions League final and the European Cup final is the name of the 42-year-old referee the main blow he seen big scene, the level of law enforcement is still quite praised the. Teenager Holtby said after the game: "The first half we created a few good opportunities, no clean sheets is a very important result of the team is a new combination, creating several opportunities, luck does not good, pretty good defense the frontcourt can continue to progress. " After the game commentary, former Bayern andrew luck jerseys [microblogging] [microblogging] players Siu-yee said: "the game our defense did not lose the ball, a good control of the Dutch team, only gave opponents little chance Neuer performed well in the limited opportunities. Netherlands team play so I am disappointed, excessive focus on the defensive, a frontcourt offensive weakness. " After the game, the German media for the German team in 2012, ending the war is not satisfied. Kicker wrote: "a tired finale better German team performance in the first half, but failed to lead, a draw was a fair result." "Bild" in the race after wrote: "This is a boring extremely race, friendship too many ingredients in this classic duel, the ingredients of the game too." Sport Bild "observes:" The  Carolina Panthers jerseys game makes intoxication sleep, sound defense instead of a good game, the German defense rebuild confidence. "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" wrote after the game: "The Battle of the reputation of a no goal, the Dutch team surprisingl
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