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car to actually falls on the front of the moment supra skytop her hair

Posted Jan 23 2013 6:43am
Run away, all ran away, she could not catch it.Get on the same car, sitting in the same position, it's still September the cool breeze of a Unit want to mess up her hair neatly. All is well as less familiar the sky clock stars still blinked, as a night along the way lighting is always seized the opportunity to jump in the car of a frame open compartment ground like a screen, roadside shadows fall came in three five parallel wires. Like screenings like a long film. Her heart looked unintentional to think of many things, they actually better than friendship but not like love.She did not know why from the beginning, she is so low, but always had all the supra s1w answers helpless, like herself to him, in fact, this also can not be said to her, he is the top good, this man, he does not speak, he I did not speak, she suddenly knew.Her from the body, ready to get off, suddenly saw his own shadow clearly reflected in the door glass.

Yes, she remembered the eyes of the Azeri, as smiling wide open, her shadow to life in his pupil, the moment her natal to force the out.She bite her lip. Nodding his head, over and over again in my heart whispered saying, I know, do not worry ... glass silhouette blurred layer of clouds submerged opened, she knew she was crying, sudden passion up, almost to a stack of sound to shout out, rest assured ...She would forward the position of the door seated down, the lights are still a box is a box, jumping into the car to actually falls on the front of the moment supra skytop her hair windblown Yi Liao Yi Liao's shadow on the ground, down again like watching a long movie, however, she is enduring protagonist.Two white swans, they are husband and wife, died when a white swan Unfortunately, the other swans around it waiting for three days and three nights last flew up into the sky, a falling to killed in bird White Swan side.
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