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Capricorn girl likes to present supra society uk himself as a cynical character

Posted Jan 21 2013 6:52am
They have a bottom line and principles, not allowed to touch and violation of, some things may own nothing, but just do not want to against their will, they say that you even do not want to hear the words. There is an indescribable feeling, perhaps, is the terrible psychological in pursuit of the perfect work. Capricorn girls like maintaining the status quo. This is a bad thing, and they like to wait, observe, think, hesitant, wandering, let it be, in short, is afraid to select. This is a cowardly act, they choose to escape, hiding in the far, as if everything with their own does not matter. Let yourself forget everything as if nothing had happened. Maybe a little serious, but this is self-deception they. Capricorn girl likes to present supra society uk himself as a cynical character, but demonstrates not their heart rigorous. Their hearts are sometimes very emptiness, emptiness scary. But sometimes very complex, complicated not breathe. Seems some things you escape escape, they do not want to, but it is difficult.

Tied to live their heart is not to say they are polygamous, they are not so much bother to bring better to say that they are afraid to heart all to a difficult for them. They know what is reality, but with a hint of fairy fantasy, so rather than worry about other people hurt themselves, it is better to own hurt others. They are selfish, the more they love people more selfish, the deeper wounds. They will love every man she had loved, but time will make them sober, regretted it, restore too, but everything seemed so necessary, because a sincere "I love you" in the name for them, life says a few times. Capricorn girls like on their own, and do not think anyone is obliged to go and you can complete is not going supra vaider uk to trouble others, even for some difficult but also a fight in the end. Because they were too self-righteous, it failed when they feel lost long ago, may be their eternal pain. But they will use the time to heal yourself, at least, seems to have a good surface. Capricorn very real girls, on the one hand, but on the other hand, they very much believe in fate.
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