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can not be regarded as a supra vaider uk good teacher must also put their knowledge

Posted Jan 18 2013 7:31am
Thus, good language teachers first must be proficient in expertise, to make the experts. He also proposed the teachers to be proficient in the law of education, such as delegate to fish, to pray to their contented; adhere to the standards and requirements, "not to the rules, not into the radius"; lay a solid foundation, step by step, and so on. Of course, No gold, no one is perfect. Teachers and then worse, he just personal, not God, it is impossible to know all the This requires open-minded temperament, to encourage students to have the courage of doing supra society uk my teacher ". Industry specializing in surgery, the teacher is not necessarily everywhere everything than clever students, therefore students the teacher can not demand perfection, to learn their skills. The same time, teachers should not only keep making progress, excellence, but also respect for the students, learning to students.

Later, Liu Zongyuan the thinking advocated be summarized in a cross that division, the division for the Friends of the Friends of the teacher, mentorship and mention the relationship between teachers and students into a mentorship relationship. If a language teachers teaching as one of the criteria, then there Who can doubt that he is not a good language teachers?Third, there is the effective method. A teacher to have a profound knowledge, can not be regarded as a supra vaider uk good teacher, must also put their knowledge to impart to the students, and for students accepted. Lecture people both to love and care about the students, but also students stringent requirements, love and strict requirements of organically combined, at the same time imparting knowledge, but also to do no hidden selfless, without reservation, to teach their students.
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