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Busy, stressed, and Daisy's new bike basket

Posted Apr 07 2012 9:25pm
Daisy enjoying the Urban Trail wearing her stylish Martha Stewart collection hounds-tooth jacket.
It's been nearly a month since my last post.  A month of stress, activity, loss and unknown change on the horizon.  We're getting through it all with a mixture of sadness, fear, relief and excitement.  Someone once told me that no matter what comes your way in life, make it work for you.  Good advice then; even better advice now.   Determined to keep on that focus, this morning I dove into a product review that I've been looking forward to for my other blogging gig at Commute by Bike , testing a pet bicycle basket from Snoozer Pet Products .  Daisy had no idea what an exciting and exhausting day awaited her!

A little nervous after many months off the bike.
Yes, Daisy fans, the little abandoned Chihuahua from Phoenix is back on these electronic pages and will soon get even wider exposure on those of Commute by Bike.  Little dog-star that she is, she demanded to be photographed in her hounds-tooth jacket - plus it was windy, and despite the sun, she is prone to a chill.

With the wind in her ears.  Notice the fingerless gloves crocheted by my cousin, Angie!
Daisy remains a good little bike companion, settling into the Snoozer Sporty Pet Bicycle Basket easily.  The carrier has a firm harness and a very sturdy mounting system keeping Daisy safe and secure the whole day long.  She had plenty of room to sit, stretch out for a nap and move around, and the nylon constructed basket was in no danger of snagging Daisy's tiny claws, a potential concern with my usual natural fiber bike basket. For her comfort during the ride, I lined the interior with a small squishy pad from her pet carrier and a snugly little blanket.  Nothing is too good for our little dogs.

Edith's classic vintage coat adorned with new buttons.  Her granddaugher will wear it thread-bare.
As for me, since this April day proved to sunny but windy, I decided to keep just warm enough, in my late grandmother's vintage cashmere blend coat and one of her scarves.  I always loved this coat when she was alive and it was handed down to me after she passed away at the age of 94.  A fashion plate until the end, her coat originally had splendid bejeweled buttons but after I had the coat dry-cleaned a few years ago, I discovered all the amber, cut-glass stones were gone.  Recently, I decided to replace them with new buttons my grandmother certainly would have selected were she alive.  (Sigh!  My grandmother never met a sale.  Luckily, I only needed four buttons).

There's always time for coffee.
Daisy and I took a short break from testing the basket, stopping to meet Bob, also taking a breather from his next Ironman (Boulder, this August) session, at Campus Coffee Bean at University and Milton.  Just sitting in the sun, neither Daisy nor I required our coats.

On the multiuse path running through NAU campus.
Since Bob's running route would be taking him back to our house, he offered to help us with photos along the way.  Although Daisy loves to ride in the bike basket and normally sits calmly and quietly enjoying the wind in her face, having Bob running along beside us excited her quite a bit.  Had it not been for the adjustable harness, she might have tried to make a jump for his arms.  The bike ride and I are no match for Bob's allure.  After a good many photos, we eventually parted ways and Daisy returned to her relaxed and happy disposition.  Who knew a bike ride was so calming for a normally hyperactive Chihuahua?  Not even a colony of prairie dogs could disturb her restive disposition in the basket.

Now that's one calm dog.  I mean the one in the coat.
Anyway, a full review should be up on Commute by Bike within a week or two.  I'll have a link here and on Facebook and Twitter so look for it.  I'll go ahead and say right now, the Snoozer Bike Basket is an excellent product, and coincidentally comes out of Greenville, South Carolina, where I grew up.
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