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Posted Oct 24 2012 8:18am

sunshine abask as in the face, make the person is intoxicated. The spring sun like a warm HuoLuZi, as in the green earth, sinar mas clear. Spring clouds also exceptionally beautiful, like a pentium pony, like roll waves, and as the three white face... . Spring breeze like a kind mother, Buddha with your cheeks, make you feel comfortable relaxed and happy. Spring breeze blowing over the earth, and the earth turn green, Spring breeze blowing trees, leaves gently shaking, the wind as if to tell jokes, the tree be doubled up; The window clapped the ring, as in happy to clap hands; Look, the falling leaves brush flying, the wind is with wire rope elder brother? And fun! Spring campus is more rich and colorful. Beautiful winter jasmine are welcome us! Avenue with leafy streets and mown trail both sides flowers numerous and ugg sale leafy. Cherry blossom everywhere in the campus, far look like to the campus spread a thick layer of white snow, looking nearly let a person feel the space is fluttering beautiful snowflakes. Money Daisy set in the lawn of the surrounding, dotted with green lawn was extraordinarily bright beautiful; The lawn of the bloom, the central several bunch of beautiful flowers decorate the lawn more charming, more beautiful. Peach extraction new bud, peach blossom in bud. The edge of the pond willow light fo the river bank, the sun shone on the river sparkled in the sunlight. Willow reflecting in the water, like a beautiful landscape.

Fan grow up. The earth turns green, stood out against the red, white, yellow

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