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Biking Tips - Safety

Posted Aug 24 2008 1:33pm
Bend those elbows. Keep your elbows bent while you're riding.
Bring air, levers and tubes. Make sure you have a portable pump or a CO2 dispenser, tire levers, as well as extra tubes when you go out riding.
Don't forget to breathe. A lot of cyclists tense up and actually hold your breath. Concentrate on breathing deeply to keep yourself relaxed.
Eat as you ride. For longer rides, make sure to eat along the way. Jersey pockets can hold energy bars, fruit or gels to give you the glycogen your body needs.
Eat to recover. Eat within one hour after finishing your ride to give your muscles the fuel they need to recover.
Go for the hills. Practice riding on hills to build strength in your legs.
Learn how to change a tire. You will at some point have to change your tire. Better to learn how beforehand.
Obey the law. Obey the rules of the road. It'll keep you safe and avoid expensive tickets.
Over-communicate. When you're riding in a pack, make sure to use hand signals and your voice to communicate obstacles and when you're passing (“on your left!�)
Shrug it off. Every 15 minutes while you're riding, shrug your shoulders to relieve tension and stress.
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