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Biking Tips - Gear & Apparel

Posted Aug 24 2008 1:33pm
Arm warmers. Get a pair of arm warmers. That way you can switch from short sleeves to long sleeves if it gets cold.
Bar plugs. Your handle bars typically have plugs at the end. Make sure you have plugs in at all times, it's dangerous to ride without them.
Bento box. Put a 'bento box' on your top tube to carry food and supplies you need while you're riding.
Bike tool. Keep a bike tool with you in case you need to change your tires or fix your spokes.
Chamois cream. Put chamois cream on the inside padding of your bike shorts to keep from chafing.
Clip-in shoes. Clip-in shoes can make your ride more efficient because they leverage the force of your upward motion. Make sure the shoes match your pedals.
Crashed helmet. If you crash wearing a helmet, get a new one.
Fit matters. It's important to find a bike that fits your body dimensions and your riding style. Get your bike fit by an expert if you're serious about riding.
Foam roller. For bikers with IT band tightness, a foam roller is a great tool to help stretch out your IT band.
Get a bike trainer. A bike trainer lets you turn your road bike into a stationary bike. It's a great training tool!
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