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Biking for Health and Vitality - Walking is ok too but I love to ride, so if it makes me happy .....

Posted Jan 02 2010 12:41am

I know biking is not usually the best solution for exercise in the winter, unless you can afford to buy a good indoor stationary exercise bike.  But during the months where weather is favorable for biking, it is wonderful as a general all around activity to increase heart and lung capabilities.

I recommend establishing a simple route through a low traffic area, perhaps in the neighborhood where you live. Riding a bike has psychological benefits too, and has been known to decrease depression. Feeling good means getting a good workout, even riding slowly over a longer period.  

You get benefits like these:

Increased circulation and heart health, better feeling of well being and happiness, muscle tone improvements, makes you more alert and strenghens your immune system.  The same benefits can be realized by walking daily for 30 to 40 minutes. Inside is ok, but the best overall benefits will be outside.

I love my BikeE - This picture is a recent one from early July in Dillon, Colorado

I prefer a recumbent bike over the standard upright because I get to relax and sit back while I ride. There is no stress to the shoulders, and the big cushon on the seat makes it better too.  No circulation issues with the recumbent.

Some folks are living in a big building where there is just no place for a bike.  Well, that's ok because there are folding bikes available that allow you to store it in a small closet or just in the corner somewhere.

Folding Dahon Bike for Urban Commuting


 There are many very affordable bikes available through online dealers that are better on the budget, but have big fat tires and work in the city very well. These are called fat tire cruisers or beach cruisers.  Just riding for 45 minutes a day will give you all the exercise your body needs.




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