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Bike to work, lose weight

Posted Nov 20 2009 10:00pm

Here is an inspirational story about Englishman Gary Brennan, who at the beginning of 2008 weighed 546 lbs.

He started riding a bike 7 miles each way to work, five days a week and in less that a year lost 224 lbs.

The top picture shows Gary as he was, and the picture on the left is as he is now.

Doctors had previously told him the only way he could lose the weight was to have gastric bipass surgury.

When he started riding to work the seven mile ride took him two hours. I cannot imagine the effort it must have taken to haul over 500 lbs on a bike, up even the slightest incline. Today the daily commute takes Gary about twenty minutes each way.

Read more about Gary Brennan here, and he also has a great cycling promo video here.

Cycling is a great way to burn calories. It can be as gentle or intense as you wish to make it. I can imagine when Gary started out just the amount of weight he had to propel forward burned a lot of calories even at a slow speed.

The great thing about cycling is, the faster you ride the more calories you burn per mile traveled because of the increase in wind resistance.  As Gary lost weight and gained fitness, he rode faster and burned more calories.

Like all exercise, it is a chore at first, but when you reach a certain fitness level cycling becomes a joy and a pleasure.

Regular readers already know the health benefits of cycling, but here is dramatic proof of what can be achieved in extreme circumstances.

Share it with someone you know who could benifit from an inspirational story like this one


Footnote: For US readers, Gary talks about weighing 39 stone. A Stone = 14 lbs. (39 x 14 = 546 lbs.)


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