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Bike to Work Friday in Phoenix

Posted May 20 2013 2:30pm

For those Phoenicians interested in biking to work but still concerned, why not get your feet wet by joining the newly established Bike to Work Friday group, meeting up every Friday at 7 a.m. at Park Central Center in front of Jamba Juice. 

Kevin says biking to work helps him successfully manage the stress of his job at County Corrections.
He is one mellow guy, for sure.
I met up with the group for the first ride, seeing some familiar faces and meeting some new ones.

Joe explains the route and reminds bicyclists of the rules of the road.
The ride was lead by City of Phoenix bike coordinator, Joe Perez.  This was more natural than the Bike to Work ride in April with Mayor Stanton in that it was free of the police motorcade.  I have nothing against PD joining us on their bikes but it much prefer it when we have to stop at lights and behave in traffic as we normally would.  Joe reminded everyone of this fact before we set off.  Really, that's the only way to learn, and it certainly helps a new bicyclist to learn the ropes with a group of already experienced city cyclists.

This rider commutes by bike once a week one a long owned, well loved bike he
decorated with colored tape to hide the scratches and chips.  It was an attention getter.
Robert Chacun wears his Marine pride on his bike.
Traveling down 5th Avenue.
This cyclist's sleeves definitely say city cyclist.

This young bike messenger rides a bike created by a friend as an art project - not the chain and rims mounted to the middle of the frame.


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