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Bike Helmets and the Importance of Wearing Them Properly

Posted by Stephanie B.

I live in Los Angeles and it never ceases to amaze me how many people I see riding their bikes down the busiest streets without a helmet on. (We're talking streets with six lanes of traffic!) Almost as bad are the folks who went to the trouble to purchase a helmet, but then wear it so obviously incorrectly that it won't protect them much at all. First, if you are riding in a city, then it's just suicidal to not wear a helmet. Sorry to sound like a mom here, but if you are a kid then you can blame your lack of "coolness" on your parents, and if you aren't a kid anymore, then why do you care what other people think about you? (If anything, think of me, negatively judging you for not putting on that helmet!) Also, make sure you wear your helmet properly. Putting your helmet on and then pushing it back so it doesn't sit squarely on your forehead is almost like not wearing it at all. Follow the directions included with the helmet. The helmet should sit on your forehead and be tight enough that if you try to push it back, it won't move off your forehead. Wearing a helmet correctly could save your life, so wear it each and every time you ride! This has been a message from your friendly neighborhood cyclist.
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i got myself a helmet , like a few days ago . i feel much safer
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