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Bicycle commuting on a Surly Pugsley during a Winter Storm.

Posted Dec 09 2009 6:50pm
We didn't get the snow from this massive storm that other parts of the Midwest did, but we got a heck of a snowy/windy day. Added to that was some cold temps in the single digits.
I started this day like I start every workday. I check the weather, look outside and decide which bike to ride and what to wear. Today, with morning temps around 5F (-15C), winds gusting up to 40 mph (65 KPH) and wind chills reaching -20F (-29C), it was time to remember how to dress for this cold of weather. I'm getting much better at it. I nailed it pretty good. I was just a tad warm on the torso. Maybe one too many layers there. Everything else was perfect. With cold temps like this, salt doesn't work on the roadways, which meant no sloppy mess. And the snow was supposed to continue all day. It was one of those rare days that was meant for a Pugsley commute. Four inch wide tires and no fenders usually means the Pugsley only sees off-road duty in the snow. Today it was a joy to ride it to work.
Plus, the Cross Check with studded tires would have been sliding all over the place on this snow. The above picture is on Skyline Parkway with the Enger Golf Course on the left. Here it is uphill and the wind is gusting off the golf course. It is very difficult to keep the Pugsley going straight uphill when the gusts hit you from the side. There have been several big snowstorms that have caused me to walk part of this hill. I've ridden in wind gusts as high as 50 mph (80KPH) along this section.

The afternoon commute was in the same conditions.
Here's a view I've never shot before from Skyline over lookng the lights of the commercial and industrial areas of Duluth and Superior, WI across the river.
It's always an adventure when you choose to bicycle commute in any weather. Surviving a day like today is nothing but satisfying. I love my Pugsley.

The next couple of days the weather is heading in the deep freeze. I'll be missing a few days of bitter cold commuting since I'm on vacation for the next week.
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