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Beautiful snow conditions for a ride on the Pugsley.

Posted Feb 27 2010 12:28pm
I got out early (for me) this morning at 9:30 for a spectacular snowbike ride on the Surly Pugsley . Spectacular because of the warm late-February sunshine, a lack of any wind, and firm snow conditions due to some below zero temps at the end of the week. By getting out early I got to ride those conditions before it warmed up and got slushy.

It was some of the best conditions I've eve snowbiked on. It was fast. I was able to ride all the hills except two short, steep pitches. And I bombed down several hills at over 25 mph. That's blazing fast on snow.

One of my favorite shots, I've taken similar shots many times. Never get sick of this view from Bardon's Peak looking east over the St. Louis River, towards Duluth and Lake Superior 12 miles away.
This is not a road. It is a snowmobile trail....Minnesota style.

This snow may not last the next week. Sunshine and temps in the mid-30's will reduce our snow base significantly. Have to get out while you can, or it will all be gone until the next storm, or next winter.

This is were my camera battery went dead. I had to enjoy the ride without taking any pictures. It was wonderful.

Today I rode one of my favorite loops. Twenty-one miles with all but the first and last mile on snowmobile trails. Completely in the Duluth city limits.
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