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beats by dre headphone

Posted Feb 19 2013 5:28pm
The real world is impossible to selectively record human, according to the first rule, as long as mankind will be recorded, unless death or non-existent. That is, as long as you are there, it certainly will be recorded, Monster beats and will not appear batch, so you understand, ah. "The pineapple God point nod, he now also feel forehead hot tight grip." In fact, you go around, Junior, "2012 suddenly reach out and tap his forehead, smiled and said:" Because there is a time of non-interference rule. Your own default time view of misleading, where you are in the world, you are there at the same time, but for the real world, not necessarily. I know this seems to violate the first rule, it is not true. Then there is the more idealistic theory, you did not? "Spiritualism spiritualism has important moment pineapple God just want to find out in the end is how the matter seriously nodded." On that assumption, the Western Paradise is the first batch, and you are not, right? Well, then, for you the world in which your time is synchronized. But for the real world, away to the west of dream consciousness inception, beats by dr dre you know the dream, seven hundred years later, so, "he paused, seems to be its own interpretation of some discontent, but or continued: "For the real world, the real world existence is dominated by derivative dream consciousness, and the Western Paradise Dream identify the existence led by the real world. "All messed up, the pineapple God speak, his own head should explode general, troubled squatting on the ground kept shaking his head, the 2012 also fancied he came around to go around that might really hurt it." Too idealistic, the presence of the real-world knowledge by the dream-led? You really are crazy, can not stand you. "Pineapple God glimpse of 2012 look like angry, could not help but get angry and said 2012 shook his head, smiled and said:" There are more idealistic, not to listen? "Do not challenge my curiosity, asshole ......" pineapple God fiercely glared at him angrily: "I absolutely materialist, you stick of God not to think of a day spread heresy, while play go! "Absolute materialism represents absolute ignorance, boy," beats by dre headphone 2012 take it lightly: "our materialism is built on top of the foundation law of the universe, this alone, is enough to prove that we are so ignorant. "Pineapple God Pieliaopiezui sighed:" I know that the Duke has said, in the face of higher dimensions biological, we are a bunch of doing the simple movement of insects ... but not something to do with your idealism Do not rely on idealistic grounds to stall your own ignorance, so you talk to God stick What is the difference? "Perhaps it is true I was wrong." Know the protagonist lessons of, is really the first time that, ah, ha ha ...... "so rare laugh laugh once:" But you would not restore derivative dream consciousness facts, and do not depressed, you do not even own the characters in the book everything accept what is unacceptable?
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