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Another winter off-road bicycle commute on the Pugsley

Posted Jan 04 2010 5:25pm
An incredible sight from my morning bicycle commute today. The air temp was -10F (-23C) while the water temp is above freezing. The water vapor rising from the water looks like a wave shooting up out of the calm water of the surface of Lake Superior. Simply breathtaking.

After work the temp had risen to 8F (-13C). Actually it had warmed higher, but was dropping already as the sun was setting and the skies were clear. Once again I commuted on my Surly Pugsley. And once again I headed to the Piedmont Ski Trails up the ridge a bit to access the Snowmobile trails for part of my commute home. Unlike last week, when the trails had yet to be groomed and were hard going, today I found well groomed trails. I had the tire pressure all the way up to 15 psi for the road riding today. They were lightning fast on the hard packed trails.

The last light from the sun that had set several minutes earlier.

Some of the fast trails.

Above, looking back east from where I had just ridden from. Very rugged trail that follows the high voltage power line cut.

This is a 1/4 mile long steep hill just to the west of 40th Ave W road crossing. I rode 3/4's of it. One of these days I'm going to ride the whole hill.

Looking towards the Proctor water tower. It's on the horizon line on the right side.

My day started out with a dark green Dodge Ram Truck trying to run me into the ditch on the hairpin turn going up 40th Ave W. It was deliberate. There was no oncoming traffic. He nearly hit me with his side view mirror as he passed me and sharply cut into my path nearly clipping my front tire. The definition of ignorance.

On my afternoon commute I had a Duluth Police Officer roll down his window and say, "Now those are some serious tires!" He smiled as he said this. Then while I was on the snowmobile trail I was passed by a lone snow sled. The same sled soon came back. I was thinking, "Oh no, this could be trouble". But he stopped flipped up his face shield on his helmet and started asking all kind of questions about my fat tired bike. These two seemingly random encounters more than made up for the ignorant a**hole who tried to run me off the road in the morning.
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