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Another appointment with my Surgeon

Posted Apr 13 2009 11:50pm
Today I had my fourth follow up appt since my surgery with the surgeon who put me back together. The last three appointments started in the same way. Him sitting down at the computer terminal and pulling up my ER x-rays from the day of my accident. Then he always says the same thing, "That is the worst break I have ever seen!"

Today he took it one step further, he said, " You blasted that arm apart...totally munched it!"

So I say, "You always have to point out how bad it was?"

He says, "It was bad, the worst I've ever seen. It was impressive. I'll never forget this one, so many pieces."

I'll never forget it either.

Anyway, he was very pleased at my progress. Maybe even impressed. I've come a long way. Today's x-ray showed I have grown a lot more bone. He said my bone is healed. I have no restrictions and can do anything I want. The steel will stay in the arm.

I still have daily soreness and stiffness. He said I will continue to gain strength and range of motion. It may take a year or more to get it all back. He said that a person loses muscle and strength very quickly when you stop using it. For everyday my arm was immobilized he said it takes 7 days to get the strength back. I had mine immobilized for 6 weeks. Do the math, that's almost a year to get it all back. I can also expect the soreness to be there for another year.

Amazing how one split second can change your life so much.

The best part about today's appointment was the fact I got there by bicycle. Things are getting back to normal.
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