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and i don't even have cable (updated)

Posted Nov 18 2008 12:21am
Got this from a friend.

Before you watch it, know this: My father (z' l) served in the army at the end of the Korean War. He served with distinction and received the thanks of his country when he got home, with a GI Bill and Veterans' medical benefits. When he died, however, his partner of twenty years got neither the Veterans' Widower benefit or a Social Security spousal benefit, because when my parents divorced and my father remarried, he got married to a guy. And even though they shared everything for twenty years, their union was never accepted as legally binding by the state or federal government.

Sweetie and I have been through the same thing. Before our big, messy wedding in 2003, we had to pay hundreds of dollars extra to have a lawyer draw up papers that give us most of the same legal protections that happen automatically when a straight couple ties the knot.

We have a Domestic Partnership certificate; it hangs on the same wall as our Ketubah (Jewish marriage contract, signed by our Cantor and witnesses). It's all we can get from the state for now, and frankly it feels a little like getting tossed a bone. Someday I'd like to replace it with a nationally-recognized Marriage License.

When some people can get married while others cannot, the institution of marriage is not made stronger, but weaker; and our whole society suffers for it.

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