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Posted Nov 28 2012 10:20am
Jiayuguan Excellent Walls was designed during the Hongwu decades (AD 1372). Southern of Jiayuguan Excellent Walls is Qilianshan protected with large snowfall. Northern is popular Heishan. It is only 30 li between the two hills, the narrowest place western of Hexizoulang, known as as “Hexi First Pass”.
In purchase to enhance the west’s army protection, common Fengsheng select the website and designed complete to management the way to the western. Jiayuguan had become strong Excellent Walls over more than 160 decades. In 1372, the world town was recognized which was 220 zhang long, 2 zhang high, was now inner town area of Jiayuguan Excellent Walls. In 148, Li Duancheng organised and designed Jiayuguan developing. 11 decades later, Li Duancheng designed inner town Guanghualou and Rouyuanlou according to the former design. In 1539, to enhance the protection, Zhailuan designed observe structure on structures, the Excellent Walls and shining example systems and so on. Thus, a wide range, spectacular old developing appears on big stones to secure the neck of the Soft silk Street, that is Jiayuguan Excellent Wa
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