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A2W Tweets summary for the Week of December 7, 2009

Posted Dec 11 2009 10:54am
Twitter_256x256Here’s the abridged version of Austin on Two Wheel’s Twitter feed for this week. This gives those not on Twitter or who missed our Tweets to check out interesting bike related articles, photos, and videos that might not warrant a full post on our site.

If you want more up to the minute info, you can follow us on Twitter by adding us to your following list here or by adding “austinon2wheels.”

  1. RT @copenhagenize Copenhagen Bike Share Design Competition Winners.
    about 1 hour ago from web
  2. The Incredible Bulk, a combo cyclocross/road race, and shop ride time change we missed in the weekly event roundup.
    about 2 hours ago from web
  3. Boulder Report on new RadioShack kit and the worst pro cycling kits in history. Be the mullet, Danny. Be the mullet.
    about 4 hours ago from web
  4. Addition music video “Copenhagen: City of Cyclists” added to the Friday Film Fun post. about 4 hours ago from web
  5. RT @mellowjohnnys Bikes for Kids event this morning with @jbhager, help put 800 kids in need.
    about 4 hours ago from web
  6. Friday Film Fun: Mikael ColVille-Andersen from Copenhagen Cycle Chic & Copenhagenize about 4 hours ago from web
  7. Houston already has a donut race? (via @jackmott42) How could ATX be so far behind? Don’t worry, one is now in the works thx to my tweet. about 14 hours ago from web
  8. @urbanvelo on Twitter? It was about time! And I thought I was a Twitter Luddite! about 14 hours ago from web
  9. Just got the trking no. on the demo cargo bike Yuba is sending A2W for review. Looking forward to putting another cargo bike thru the paces. about 16 hours ago from web
  10. Rumor is we have an ATX tweed ride in the works.Check that off my list of wants. Now onto a donut race where time is removed by donuts eaten.
    about 17 hours ago from web
  11. RT @JulietMacur Giro d’Italia race organizers have a “tentative agreement” to start the Giro in DC in 2012.
    about 20 hours ago from web
  12. 1st bike blvd open house highlights tensions between cyclists and Nueces Street property owners.
    about 24 hours ago from web
  13. James Clayton bike theft accomplice exonerated of charges against her. 11:03 AM Dec 10th from web
  14. RT @streetsblog High school kids make a bike bus in Orlando. There might be hope for the human race: 10:23 AM Dec 10th from web
  15. Now up: Austin Bike Culture Calendar Events: 12/10- 12/16/09.
    10:21 AM Dec 10th from web
  16. Think last yrs high gas prices were an anomaly. Think again. RT @streetsblog Demand for cars booming in China:
    9:11 AM Dec 10th from web
  17. May I suggest a route that isn’t series of lefts on ATX busiest streets! RT @bikehugger Working with @SocCyclingATX on the Mobile Social #sxsw
    8:38 AM Dec 10th from web
  18. Copenhagen: “We have 500,000 people on bicycles and no cyclists.”
    8:15 AM Dec 10th from web
  19. Better than the new RadioShack? RT @austincyclecamp kit unveiled. A little Liquigas, a lot Austin. 1:00 AM Dec 10th from web
  20. RT @atxhipsters: another atx cyclist hit by vehicle, bike stolen (warning graphic injury picture) 12:52 AM Dec 10th from web
  21. Back from Nueces St Bike Blvd Open House. There was considerable tension btwn land owners & cyclists but no rumble. Full report tomorrow. 9:02 PM Dec 9th from web
  22. Looks substantially better than the Team kit. RT @mellowjohnnys Trek unveils Radio Shack Madone. 9:00 PM Dec 9th from web
  23. Heading to the Nueces Bike Blvd Open House at 6 PM at Pease Elementary across from ACC Rio Grande. Will be bundling up for the ride. 5:11 PM Dec 9th from web
  24. When cycling jumps the shark- Bicycle convenience store in Portland. Note it is located on a bike boulevard route. 2:29 PM Dec 9th from web
  25. RT @reapinfo: The psychology behind climate change denial
    2:04 PM Dec 9th from web
  26. Remembering talk with TXDOT staff who wasn’t comfortable biking on their bike facilities.If they don’t buy their own product, why should we? 11:46 AM Dec 9th from web
  27. RT @BiketoWorkBook RT @iPayRoadTax Pro-bicycle Rep. Blumenauer suggests a ‘bike tire tax’ to pay for bike facilities: 11:29 AM Dec 9th from web
  28. RT @kutaustin Capital Metro announces termination of its rail contract with Veolia Transportation. 10:52 AM Dec 9th from web
  29. Vehicular cycling versus bike lanes: why they are both right, both wrong and why bike boulevards matter 10:30 AM Dec 9th from web
  30. Arctic cold front arrives today. Be sure to bring you gloves, cap, and warm clothes if you are biking to the Nueces St Bike Blvd mtg tonite. 8:11 AM Dec 9th from web
  31. RT @lluciano Last day to turn in urban farm tour raffle tickets at bicycle sport shop 517 S Lamar check prize list here 7:48 AM Dec 9th from web
  32. Credibility gap: RT @Cyclingnewsfeed News – Lance Armstrong: RadioShack not built around me 7:43 AM Dec 9th from web
  33. Your voice needed! Open House on design of Nueces St Bike Bvld tonight at 6PM at Pease Elementary.
    7:33 AM Dec 9th from web
  34. Flyer now up for Wednesday Night Road Night Going to be a cold one! 7:30 AM Dec 9th from web
  35. RT @jbmarshtx: Do you ride Fitzhugh Road in Austin? Be safe, and read this: 1:51 PM Dec 8th from web
  36. RT @londoncyclist Interesting quiz on cycling: – the questions are tough! 11:26 AM Dec 8th from web
  37. RT @IBuyAustin 2009 Clearance sale going on now at Waterloo Cycles:
    11:08 AM Dec 8th from web
  38. New #TeamRadioShack jersey, hit or miss? I’ve made my opinion known. What do you think? 10:59 AM Dec 8th from web
  39. rain will clear out today with sunny, if cold, weather in ATX. Perfect riding weather for those bundled up. 10:49 AM Dec 8th from web
  40. Re: the new #RadioShack jersey @mellowjohnnys, I gotta say it’s pretty corporate and pedestrian. Still, how cool can you make RadioShack? 9:41 AM Dec 8th from web
  41. NYPD arrest guerilla bike lane painters. 7:46 AM Dec 8th from web
  42. RT @amsterdamized New Amsterdamize post: “I Hate Cargo Bikes”
    7:40 AM Dec 8th from web
  43. Hmm, kinda pedestrian. RT @GlennGarry Quickie post, hot off the email: first-look at Radio Shack cycling kit. 10:20 PM Dec 7th from web
  44. RT @dirtderby Sadly we’ve got to cancel again. Anti-rain dances in full force for next week & planning our party on the 5th to be rainproof. 10:19 PM Dec 7th from web
  45. HA! Followup tweet to this morning RT @cyclelicious New Flickr photo – Bike messenger on Pearl Harbor Day 4:25 PM Dec 7th from web
  46. Coming Jan 1- Virtual bike jousting with “Tall Bike Joust” iPhone app 4:21 PM Dec 7th from web RT @bikesbelong Now this is the way to bring home a xmas tree! 2:19 PM Dec 7th from web
  47. BikeTexas looking for volunteers to help put together safety packets this Thursday eventing. They’d vols to RSVP.
    2:06 PM Dec 7th from web
  48. RT @ londoncyclist Cyclists targeted as Westminster Council goes after ‘lycra louts’ – (via @OzzieP)
    5:48 AM Dec 7th from web
  49. RT @cyclelicious Bike messenger delivered Pearl Harbor attack warning on Dec 7 1941. 9:28 AM Dec 7th from web
  50. Photos from Urban Farm Bicycle Tour now up! 9:26 AM Dec 7th from web
  51. Eat Local Week kicks off with Urban Farm Bicycle Tour.
    9:26 AM Dec 7th from web
  52. NPR story on Cargo Bikes as a minivan replacement. 9:01 AM Dec 7th from web
  53. RT @mtblawgirl RT @cyclelicious: Utah judge tells cyclists to take the lane:
    12:38 PM Dec 4th from web
  54. Fox 7 News covers how easy is it to #bikecommute in #ATX. Interviews with City staff, @melloweileen and @lluciano. 12:30 PM Dec 4th from web
  55. Some good bike book reccomendations for the holidays. RT @cyclelicious Stuff I like: Bicycle books:
    10:52 AM Dec 4th from web
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