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2009 mileage

Posted Dec 31 2009 5:27pm
Back in January, I'd set a modest goal of riding 2,400 miles in 2009.

I fell short by about 12 miles.

Some of this may be attributed to mileage estimates made while riding my cyclocross bike, which is not fitted with a cyclometer; but mostly I think it's a pretty accurate indicator of my riding this year. I had spurts of greatness in a mostly ordinary year, and I think that's what happens when you don't plan on doing any really long rides. I didn't participate in a single Oregon Randonneurs event this year (the only populaire offered conflicted with my race at Barton Park). Since the end of my cyclocross season I felt a lingering fatigue that I haven't quite known how to deal with (except to use transit to shorten my trips more often).

So what's in the works for 2010? I remain dedicated to racing short-track and 'cross, and if time and finance permit I'd like to enter more of the short-track races than I did last year. I think I'm happy with the amount of 'cross racing I did and probably won't increase my participation there too much. However, I did "cat up" and in 2010 I will be racing in the Singlespeed categories in both disciplines. (Go ahead and say it -- I'm nuts. I know.) As for randonneuring, if there's a populaire offered on a weekend that dosn't conflict with my racing plans then I would like to ride at least one. I suspect this would have to be early in the season (say, Snoozeville).

Other observations:

1. I have been more inclined to utilize transit to shorten my commutes this year. I've also had more difficulty telling the difference between mental and physical fatigue. Is this just a part of aging? Or is it a side-effect of my working at a desk more during the day? In any event I would really like 2010 to be my last year in the Buyer's chair at Citybikes -- I'm feeling worried about the reduction in my activity at work and really desire getting back to a bench. I hope to have a successor trained and ready to take over in late November.

2. I started doing yoga with Sweetie and we like it. It's hard for me -- anything where I have to bend my knee very far back on itself is painful and I am oh so stiff and creaky -- but I like what it does for my head afterwards. Sweetie and I gave each other yoga mats for Chanukah this year and we are committed to doing yoga together at least 1-2 times a week. I'm told it will help me get stronger over time but at my degree of flexibility just now I'm a little dubious.

3. I would really like to learn how to train -- not to the point where it takes over my life, but enough that I can get stronger and perhaps not finish DFL in nearly every race. I like what racing is doing for me and want to keep at it, but I don't want to just dive in blind without a clue, or a plan. I especially want to figure out how to make this work with middle-aged spread and creaky joints, and with Crohn's. I just don't have the money to join a gym or hire a trainer. And without a real team presence here in town I am on my own pretty much all the time. I will remain affiliated with Velo Bella for 2010, and will reassess everything at season's end.

4. I really need to get more and consistent sleep! Since I have a partner this means discussing ways to get us both to bed at a decent hour so we're both better-rested.

5. The truth is that, while I like the spirit of randonneuring and have made some really great friends through my involvement in the sport, I have to admit I don't care for the fact that I am usually so slow that I end up riding almost the entire distance at an organized brevet alone. At races, I am surrounded by happy, cheering, very social folks. Being the social animal I am, I have to say I enjoy the atmosphere of racing more. That combined with my physical limitations means I am unlikely to ride anything longer than a populaire, and that is actually okay with me. I hope there will be at least one organized populaire to ride in 2010, but if there's not I will have plenty of racing and cargo-biking to keep me active.


Total miles, 2009: 2,388.6 (3,845.6 km)
Weekly average: 46 mi/wk (this was skewed slightly by two weeks in which I rode less than 20 miles each and one week where I managed about two miles total.)

Goal for 2010: 2,500 miles.
See you on the road, and happy riding in 2010!

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