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03.12.10 -- Tempo Ride with Scooter

Posted Mar 13 2010 12:00am
Type: Interval Ride
Distance: 83.61 miles
TSS: 205
Time: 4:00:34
Average Watts: 153 watts
Average Heart Rate: 135 bpm
Total Work: 2,199

To call this ride an interval ride may be a little misleading. The plan was to hit one minute intervals and then a four minute rest for the planned four hours of this ride. The purpose of this ride was really to continue to build my endurance engine but to also break up the monotony of the ride with quick intervals. The plan was to hold 175 watts for the one minute and 250 watts for the four minutes. It was a good plan and I executed it pretty well until the three hour mark.

At three hours I decided I did need some intensity on this ride after all. I decided to do easier intervals for the next 30 minutes and then some tough ones for the last thirty minutes of the ride. I was surprised to find as much pop in my legs as I did. After my tempo ride yesterday and three and a half hours of steady riding already, I was pleased with as well as my legs held up. I had three intervals of 260+ watts that I held for one minute each. I had one at 280 watts and another at 290 watts than I held for one minute each as well. When I hit the 3:55 mark, I decided to really push myself.

I pounded out two intervals at about 400 watts that I was able to hold for 30 seconds each. Then, to put the icing on the cake I did one final interval at almost 500 watts that I held for about 20 seconds. I thought these tough intervals would be simulate the hill climbs on the IMSG course that I will have to complete, even when tired. Here is the graph:

This Week in Training
One of my goals this week was to hit a TSS of 1,000 for the second time this season. The bad news is I missed it -- I hit a TSS of 979 this week. Man that is painful to miss. I told Mrs. Hot Wife if I would have known I would have ridden for another half hour. But it is what it is and I will just have to deal. After the lackluster week I had  a couple of weeks ago (mainly because of the pleurisy), I rebounded well this week. You can see the upward trend in my Performance Management Chart from the WKO+ software I use. Overall, very good week with some intensity and endurance. I like where I am headed right now.

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