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Lexington, Kentucky
I run a blog called "Big Daddy D's Low-Carb Life" ( My only credentials are that I am losing weight and I like to cook. I am not a dietician nor doctor.
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Blueberry topping, great for cheesecake!

Status Update:  I lost 28 pounds during my first four weeks of being back on low carb after having taken several years off.  And, I have been...

Eatling low carb with a vegetarian Indian co-worker

This month, I am working in Tijuana but dining and sleeping in San Diego.  One of my co-workers co-workers is visiting from India.  He is a...

Another go with low carb high protein

As I sit in an airport, I begin day 1 of another diet.  Yes, it is a diet and not a lifestyle.  This time I am going to do low carb high protein...

Promotion - Save $5 on my cookbook!

I am now offering a discount to blog readers who purchase my cookbook from my online store: .  The...
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