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We are Mother/Daughter Lymies.  We do not take Lyme Disease sitting down.  Check out our site at We stand for everyone knowing that Lyme is a serious illness, what to look for, and how to avoid it. Lyme SUCKS!    
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I'm not monitoring this site much anymore, for a GREAT reason!

Silver is much much better, and living a "normal" (healthy)  and extraordinary life.  We Feldmans have gotten our lives back and are back to...


My hosting provider, who would like to remain nameless -- DIRECTNIC.COM--  is having internal troubles, so my LymeSucks  forwarding is not...

Lyme on Dr. Phil, at LAST.

I've worked with Dr. Phil many times. I began to know one of the producers, a little, and he was a nice guy. So I told him our story,...

5300 Year Old "Iceman" Had Lyme Disease!

Turns out that Lyme has been around a LONG time, probably a lot longer than when the Iceman lived...  hopefully another, older iceman will...

Dr. Anne Corson

This presentation is really excellent for distilling down the symptoms of Lyme.  I think it's a "must-see."  

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Mar 01 2009 by Renee

Hi Bev and Silver

I have checked out your site before and it is very good!  I am so sorry your daughter still struggles to get back to 100%...I am still at only around 24-35% but we have seen improvements in my neurological testing...quite a bit..hoping now that I will regain some energy with Mepron added to kill babs.  BUT the CFS and MCS will always need to be managed.  I just heard from a friend whose husband is learning to walk again after only 2 yrs with took everything from him so quickly.  BUT he is getting better after being bedridden so there is always hope isn't there.

Thanks for responding.  I look foward to reading the info at your site.



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