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The betterplace Foundation operates, enabling you to seek support for your initiative or to find and support the very project that means most to you.
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You got mail!

After you have made a donation to a project or a fundraising event on, you will get updates via E-Mail as soon as there is...

Recurring donations are back!

A feature many of you have been waiting for is back again: recurring donations. This is how it works: From now on you can decide if you want...

How you can help Japan on

It’s been a while since we updated you in English what has been going on on lately. Sorry for that – we have been very...

March Campaign: Water

A new month, a new campaign. During March everything is gonna be about water: From clean dringing water to irrigation systems in agriculture...

February Campaign: Human Rights

Human Rights – everybody knows they exist, but what exactly are our rights? Do you know them all – I am guessing no! That’s why we dedicate...
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