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I help overwhelmed people create saner simpler lives
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Weekly Simplicity Tips

Hi everyone, I am back! This weekend we took my daughter to Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids for the butterflies. Strengthen your...

19 Random Acts of Kindness for Jon

I have gotten so many supportive emails and I so appreciate them. I got a lovely one today. In it she said, "So many people care about you and...

How to Get Things Done When You Are An Emotional Wreck

Even though I am still reeling from my son’s death, things still must get done – taxes, money stuff, work, prosecution stuff… Here’s...

Joy and Sadness

I really didn’t want to go to the improv yesterday. We had gotten tickets before Jon’s death because we knew he would love it and might even do...

Missing You

One of the hardest parts is when you forget he’s gone, then you are re-shocked as you remember. Like making way too much spaghetti or...

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