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Portland, Oregon
Bicycle mechanic, randonneuring cyclist, musician and artist. Living with Crohn's disease (and without health insurance) in the beautiful Pacific NW.
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does improving streets really make a difference? perhaps not.

Over at BikePortland, there's a little debate about the value of repaving streets ...

on politics and living the smaller life (there IS bike content here)

The Election Distraction Season has begun. Last night, many of my friends who had cable were glued to their TV sets, watching the first...

ride anyway.

This morning, I woke up feeling groggy. I sat up and immediately felt dizzy. Which was annoying, because I had signed up to work a volunteer...

Could not knowing lead to not caring? Maybe. Maybe not.

In today's VeloNews coverage of the Tour de France, now just a week away from its finish in Paris, VN Editor John Bradley writes an interesting,...

on overhauls

I am in the process of overhauling the All-Rounder. Overhauling a bike basically maneas that, in addition to thoroughly cleaning every inch...

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