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Portola Valley, California
I'm the really attractive one in the top left, and I wear a shirt of this color every day!
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Women prefer genuine good future fathers, to men that are big and can protect them!

Gentlemen everywhere new experiment shows that women prefer the sensitive guy to the macho one. So get out of the weight room and pick up a book. Do...

I demand the nutritional facts!!

Although I disapprove of McDonald’s and think they constantly are tricking us and bending the truth, I’ve found a reason to actually like them....

Average weight for women in the U. S. has changed from 147 lbs. in 1994 to 153 lbs.

The average weight for women has increased by 6 lbs. but the ideal weight in the average woman’s mind has only increased by 2 lbs. The...

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Ben S.'s Whiteboard
Dec 12 2007 by Kristina M.
You can do it! you can have the longest profile "about me" you can you can you can!
Dec 12 2007 by Geoff, MD
You're funny! I like that facial expression!