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Lara and Alicia of being LA teach and inspire young women to lead healthy, active lifestyles, enabling them to live enriched, fulfilled lives. Through comprehensive and personalized health consulting programs and workshops, being LA imparts the knowledge, tools and support for living and... Full Bio
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Happy New Year from being LA!

Every new year comes with new challenges, new opportunities and hope for an even better year than the one before!  We are happy to announce that...

Do you struggle in the kitchen?

Okay, so we’re not all born to be exceptional in the kitchen.  A common theme I hear when clients or friends complain about not being...

Keep Moving and Losing…

We know everyone is extremely busy this time of year, but don’t let your crazy schedule get in the way of your daily workout.  Although our...

2 Healthy & Delicious Cous Cous Salads

I’ve had a box of whole-wheat cous cous in my cupboard for a while now and have been meaning to make a salad with it, but somehow haven’t...

Survive the Potluck with these 3 Tips!

When I was working in corporate America this was the time of the year when it seemed like every turn you took in the office you were...

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