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Aberdeen, United Kingdom
My name is Peter and I’m a 25 year old student from Aberdeenshire, Scotland. I’ve been active most of my life, but as I’m getting older, I’m noticing that my metabolism isn’t what it used to be and I can’t rely on it as much to keep that fat off. So here I... Full Bio
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My Top 5 Fitness tips for beginners

Starting the gym in 2013 or even in future, then check out my top 5 tips for those starting out.

1 year in the gym. Progress Photos included.

So around this time last year, I realised that I was getting a bit of a belly. I decided that I would start the gym in the new year as my...

Uh Oh It’s Christmas

Everyone seems to think that this time of year is a terrible time of year to be on a diet due to the amount of food going around. The thing is,...

Stronglifts 5×5

Hello folks,   It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on here. Mainly due to being swamped with coursework at uni, but it hasn’t...

Fad diets and Under-eating.

One of the main things that annoys me in the world of weight loss and fitness, are these fad celebrity diets and under-eating. If you want to...

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