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End of Blog

I just got a message from someone on here and I have to agree with them. I have not written for months and will not be writing again I'm afraid....

Bizarre Calls - yes they are back!!

I have finally got round to rounding up all the tickets and scrappy bits of paper containing the amusing calls I have been collecting for ages and...


Just had to post a quick one to say that I found out today that I have been promoted to Allocator. Woohoo!! Had the interview on Monday and...

Impending Sense of Doom

I've been meaning to write about this call for ages but there always seemed to be something else to do and it got pushed to one side. Now that I've...

Guest writer!

I have a guest writer doing my post for today. This is from one of my colleagues who works for an outer county who we deal with a fair amount....
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