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Bolstering Your Immune System: Overview

Posted by Joanette B.

As a biochemist and former college instructor I loved my subject.  I never thought I would become an expert on the immune system by default. When Fred my husband was diagnosed at 36 with Immune Cancer my whole life changed.  My passion is to share what I have learned in our journey to help other survivors and families bolster their immune system as well through lifestyle, nutrition and supplementation.

Your primary immune system is you GI tract.  You are what you eat. I am very conservative and never thought I would talk about poop and being regular. What is a normal bowel movement?  This is the MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION.   Soft like a banana at least one time daily.  If you are constipated, have Irritable Bowl Syndrome (IBS) or do not have a normal bowel movement as defined above your immune system is not working very well.  The answer is to drink water, eat fruits & veggies, stop drinking caffeinated items (coffee, soda, rockstar etc..) and take some probiotics.  I recommend Probiotic Plus by Ascential Bioscience. Fred use to take another probiotic for 4 years and needed 4-5 capsules a day with a billion goods bugs per capsule now he takes ONE capsule of Probiotic Plus with 2 billion daily and has a NORMAL bowel movement.  

OK.  We have the poop discussion and "Normal BOM" out of the way, I can stop blushing as I write. But seriously, I want to make sure that Fred's Immune System is the BEST it can be....we are 2 years CANCER FREE and so grateful (: 

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If you add chiastuff to your daily diet with any food or drink most GI issues disappear. Google it the rsearch is endless. It has been around since the Aztecs, but we are all just rediscovering the nutritional and physical value today.
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