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Screwed Up My Blog

I went and screwed up my blog and disconnected all my pictures, they are all still there but just not in the text of my blog anymore, pretty...

February Already

I thought I'd get on here for a quick post.  Hard to believe it's February already.  Just seems time flies by now.  It seems everyone is being hit...

A New Year

Meant to come by and wish everyone a happy new year but never made it back.  It's been a good month though.  Had a nice Christmas and Kevin and...

Almost Christmas

Hard to believe Christmas is just a few days away.  I feel I have a lot to do yet not a lot of ambition to do it.  Why is it that sometimes around...

Wednesday check in

Been a crazy few weeks for me but I'm doing ok. My Thanksgiving was spent at home, we didn't go to Kentucky.  We decided to stay home because of...

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