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Wednesday check in

Been a crazy few weeks for me but I'm doing ok. My Thanksgiving was spent at home, we didn't go to Kentucky.  We decided to stay home because of...


Feels like I've lost so much time here in the past 2 years.  I've still kept up with reading many folks but often look through my blog list and...

Letting things go

Well I've decided to just let things go concerning the "painted into corners" stuff.  I talked to my TOPS mom and she told me back when I first...

Painted into corners

Feels like it's been forever since I last posted.  I say that a lot here these days.  I miss it here though, a place to talk about things going on...

Fall Is Here

Hard to believe it's October already.  I've had a busy several months but I'm feeling good :) I look at the title of my blog and realize I really...

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