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Posted Dec 06 2012 7:51am
Master into,' I cried, canada goose jackets sale seeing we were regularly imprisoned: `you know what your diabolical father is after, and you shall tell us, or I'll box your ears, as he has done your cousin's.' 
`Yes, Linton, you must tell,' said Catherine. `It was for your sake I came; and it will be wickedly ungrateful if you refuse.' 
`Give me some tea, I'm thirsty, and then I'll tell you,' he answered. `Mrs Dean, go away. I don't like you standing over me. Now, Catherine, you are letting your tears fall into my cup. I won't drink that. Give me another.' 
Catherine pushed another to him, and wiped her face. I felt disgusted at the little wretch's composure, since he was no longer in terror for himself. The anguish he had exhibited on the moor subsided as soon as ever he entered Wuthering Heights; so I guessed he had been menaced with an awful visitation of wrath if he failed in decoying us there; and, that accomplished, he had no further immediate fears. 
`Papa wants us to be married,' he continued, after sipping some of the liquid. `And he knows your papa wouldn't let us marry now; and he's afraid of my dying, if we wait; so we are to be married in the morning, and you are to stay here all night; and if you do as he wishes, you shall return home next day, and take me with you.' 
`Take you with her, pitiful changeling?' I exclaimed. `You marry? Why, the man is mad; or he thinks us fools, every one. And do you imagine that beautiful young lady, that healthy, hearty girl, will tie herself to a little perishing monkey like you! Are you cherishing the notion that anybody, let alone Miss Catherine Linton, would have you for a husband? You want whipping for bringing us in here at all, with your dastardly puling tricks; and--don't look so silly, now! I've a very good mind to shake you severely, for your contemptible treachery, and your imbecile conceit.' 
I did give him a slight shaking; but it brought on the cough, and he took to his ordinary resource of moaning and weeping, and Catherine rebuked me. 
`Stay all night? No,' she said, looking slowly round. `Ellen, I'll burn that door down, but I'll get out.' 
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