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Why You Need a Bike Rack

Posted Oct 12 2012 3:19am
More and more people each year are wholesale nfl jerseys free shipping discovering the joy of riding their bikes. Many now see mountain biking as a fabulous vacation getaway close to their own backyard. This can be a less expensive way to spend time with your family and friends while reaping loads of health benefits. When you travel with a bicycle, it#8217;s very important to secure your bike properly with a bike rack. Some people think that if they have a pickup truck or an SUV, a bike rack isn#8217;t necessary. While there is plenty of room in a truck bed to store bikes, allowing them to move around while you are driving is not wise. As you drive, the bike or bikes will shift around in the truck bed causing damage to your bicycles (not to mention the truck bed). They can get scratched and dented which will lead to premature rusting of the frame and may make them unsafe to ride. Even when the bikes themselves are safe in the backseat of an SUV, the dirt and grease from your bike may transfer to the upholstery and damage your truck. Aside from all of this damage, the rattling caused by the bikes during travel may drive you insane.The best way to handle this when driving a truck or SUV is to purchase a hitch bike rack. This type of bike rack attaches to the trailer hitch on the back of your truck for easy transport. You can find these from a variety of companies and in many different price ranges cheap authentic nfl jerseys free shipping. You can get them for up to five bikes and once you get one, you won#8217;t be able to figure out how you ever lived without it cheap nfl jerseys. Before you go shopping, be sure to find out the diameter of the ball (the receiver) on which the hitch needs to fit. The best place to find a hitch rack (also called a receiver rack) is on the internet.If you are uncomfortable with storing your bikes on the back of your truck or SUV or you do not have a trailer hitch, there is another option. You can invest in a bed mount which runs from one side of your truck bed to the other. This allows you to fasten your bikes in an upright position. This will keep them safe and quiet. This will work in an SUV, however it will take time to set up if you have to fold the seats down each time you go for a ride.You can find bike racks at your local sports or cycling store cheap jerseys free shipping. However, you will be able to find a better deal on the internet. With little to no overhead, internet sites are able to get you the bike rack you want for less money and no sacrifice of customer service.Spending a little extra now on a bike rack will save you money and stress in the long run. Your bikes and your truck or SUV will last longer and stay in better condition. 
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