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wholesale toddler clothing: YCMD sportswear fall 2012 popular trend

Posted Jan 04 2013 4:21pm

core abstract: autumn wind gradually, and a current season, YCMD uphold the European fashion style, advocating freedom, straightforward, youth, elegant life this design concept, with their talent shows a YCMD exclusive feast of mix building a style, material, structure, aesthetics, irregular clipping, this season, YCMD broke the traditional style is insurmountable gap between, will come from different style clever mix of elements and injected with experimental creative design details and disruptive aesthetics, open up this autumn fashion fresh air. YCMD sportswear fall 2012 fashion trends this autumn from themes - meet autumn developed two series: British imprinting and fantasy trip. British imprinting autumn outfit diffuse upper nostalgic feelings of the 50 s, delicate and elegant life, pure good, classical romantic European style of dress, foil YCMD a new generation of design inspiration. This theme color mainly adopts the clay color, the color of camel's hair, brown, deep blue, midnight blue, military blue, dark blue, pink and so on, with vermilion red green yellow, gold, and precious stones to do an ornament, give a person young, fashionable and elegant style. Fantasy trip series the hottest of the wind restoring ancient ways and the fusion of military uniform style, design wind restoring ancient ways is 40 s and 70 s in Europe as a background, with elegant style, with interesting badges or decorations can deduce personality style. Military uniform style on the breakthrough in the traditional style, emphasize practicability of street style. The freedom of the administrative levels is the key point of this series, heterogeneous feeling mix and match with the fabric or patchwork become add elements of pleasure. On colour, the classical cowboy color, at the same time into, the depth the earth color, olive green, pale pinkish purple, pink, green, orange, turmeric, under the ornament of show our unique personality charm, to release the mood of the heart. It is composed by shop 01.05.2013
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