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UGG Bailey Button Boots 5803 for higher degree

Posted Nov 17 2012 1:01am

But the affair of in this world have so coincidentally.When head year began a new year, my mama's only daughter just the air crash died.My mama sees my brain Be getting worse, public security official's organization on the town momentary half will the son can't verify my identity again, hence misuse her the long authority in the one town, have already walked to order relation to keep and raise together with Yan Lang I. It is said that the daughter that she dies is Yan Sung, so rises for me nameds Yan Sung.Afterwards I in Ugg Adirondack Boots 5469 many ways fished for to descend her whether still have what die of the next of kin is Yan Lang of, fished for half year many, don't fruit. The Yan Lang is full at the age of 1 year old, my mama felt that I must read some mnugvfytkyut book and do to have a cultural person.Hence again walked to order a relation, entered center primary school in the town to my lane to read grade one.But she obviously underrated my intelligence quotient. Half week after, my form master the teacher cry to go to her office to seek her, can not preach me, I really too cleverness.My mama frighteneds, immediately a primary school the grade two arithmetic do for me, I did out a while.Hence she gave me way grade three primary school again, I did out a while again, the rest can be deduced accordingly, until I finish doing a primary school grade six of, have to use a reverse ratio method just solution come out of, highly difficult Ao number application, my mama is getting more shocked. On the second day, she cautiously combed own relation net for a while and crossed over the Hong ditch of the ground class city and provincial capital city, the far building finding out one in the province to give the province the Wei secretary to drive is kin, attempt my lane enter province the city is a national point the high school read a senior high school. It is said that that relatives is the secretary's younger brother of the business partner of the rival in love of my mama's cousin, I with grandmother all the opportunity to think is elusive, but being that she unexpectedly obtained success of fearfulness.Hence I have to leave just full 1-year-old small Yan Lang and this scenery such as draw of backland small town, arrived mutually city in the province of being apart from more than 300 kilometers to study UGG Bailey Button Boots 5803 for higher degree. Be in the national point senior high school that saves city, I knew Su Qi and Lin Qiao.Recall part events several years later, also always make me can not control feelings to explode two thicks ofs, mama of is really Nie good luck Nie good luck. Reside an inside madam say, the woman is once borning a kid is always specially easily forgetful.Hence I from 16 years old start, become as forgetful as all women who born a kid. I have already forgotten those early years now is how the sparse inside is careless Su Qi becomes a good friend, but I still clearly remember, oneself is how the one-step one step living feeling to long Lin Qiao Ri and be like pure it is thus clear that the small river of bottom, the fish of river inside a can recognize from color to categories on every occasion pure.It is thus clear that there is the woman of forgetful disease, their memory is usually very terrible.The thing canned remember is really not much, so the Mi foot is precious.Don't arrive ten thousand to can not help, they would not like to definitely easily give up these things that with difficulty remember. My mama's mama is also my grandmother, specially the love reads the novel of Qiong precious jade.While having an aftercare, I don't have other amusement activities, hence she volunteers ground to come to read the novel of Qiong precious jade for me every day.From plum flower three lanes arrive bluish cloud sky arrive one dream of Lian You , she the wild diagram make me believe firmly, each women are angels, and ignore you at know male the lord before have never livinged a kid, as long as you is female main, you can get happy;But want to become a female a lord, you have to must become a literature that loves in rain to take a stroll first female youth. I am only 16 years old, exactly the age of the strongest plasticity at that time, besides young girl state of mind always poem, immediately and then drive these novel conquer, relieved own personality, after setting alight to seek for the small Yan Lang the dad's strong wishes.But the backland small town of my place in fact has a little people's livelihood Diao my, the 15-25-year-old male youth is very few.In less than half month, I then discover that seeking one for the small Yan Lang is handsome and beautiful to open a Porche to have a little hypochondria of is a so hard realization after the father.I Ugg Ashur Boots 5760 once sank into a negative cosmos to negate the life low tide of negating all romantic novels is by one's own.Although this low tide radiation scope isn't large,continuously time is very long-last.
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