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Three minutes cheap crazy light 2.0 before extra

Posted Nov 23 2012 3:48am
Three minutes cheap crazy light 2.0 before extra time, Thunder Yves and Durrant each hit a three points, speed boats from Jordan who had 5 points difference remained opened. Ibaka in 2 min 29 sec get personal when the 6th was sent off. But Willem shot after hitting the last 1.5, Thunder still lead 3 minutes. Durrant made Paul fouls, 2 penalties 2. Weiss also do the, resulting in 6th foul out Barnes, own 2 penalties 1. Eventually, the Thunder won 117-111. Rocket 93:89 won at home to the bull, ending three losing streak. After you win the game, the rockets managed to avoid encounter 4 losing streak for the first time since the end of April this year, while the bulls misfortune 3 losing streak, it was them since March 2010, experienced 3 losing streak for the first time.??
Earlier against a fierce Dragon, he sent out 20 assists. Even in garbage time, Celtic boss rivers will also long bench, he was "brushed" Dunks after the game has been cheap nike air max shake evolve questioned. However, rivers said, he is doing it on purpose, if you get the chance, why not let Landau assists the momentum continue. Even so, according to teammate said, after sent out 20 assists, lang is still not satisfactory, but also very angry, look long want to assist to the end. Of course, there are also people who questioned him, in order to break the old record, brushed the data suspect, Landau said, people should not only focus on those records, but the team is winning.??
In an NCAA three-tier League match today, Grinnell College players Jake Taylor cut down 138 points, led a 179-104 beat Grinnell College, Taylor's personal score of 138 also set a NCAA record scoring. Taylor's high points benefited from his high hit rates and up to 108 shot opportunity. The winner was scored, he shot hits a 52-ball 108 times, outside the three-point line is 71 shooting, free throws 10 penalties in 7, which he used only 36 minutes of play time. In the past three games, Taylor has accumulated cut down 185 points, up 61.7 points.??
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