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There is no cheap hyperfuse 2012 doubt that Celtic

Posted Nov 23 2012 3:47am

There is no cheap hyperfuse 2012 doubt that Celtic were to win, to make a good record, inseparable from the long play, particularly his organization passes. In an entire career, lang has assists in 173 games double on, Celtic record of 132 WINS and 41-, win-76.3%. To today's race, long first section alone sent out 4 assists, including assists hand heat cut down 5 points in a row, of course, there is also a wonderful match. Section to the first 7 minutes and 52 seconds, Landau staged a wonderful tie of bath, Lang found a miaochuan bath, bath in no uncertain terms, complete violence dunk after the ball, detonated the garden arena of passion.??

The winner was scored, Lin Shuhao played only 26 minutes, 4 points 3 assists in 9 shooting 5 nike dream season iv blunders, harden cut down 28 points 5 steals 4 a rebound 3 assists, Douglas substitute appearance cut down 11 points. Bulls side, Nate-Robinson's 21 points 5 rebounds 5 assists, but mistakes in a row at a crucial time, and Deng buziol Claudio cut off with 19 points and 13 points, respectively, NOAA-11 points 7 rebounds 4 assists 4 caps??

NCAA distance last single had scored hundreds on August 8, 2010-breaking thing, during a summer League in NCAA, second-year student at weilaniuwa University Fisher alone in the 105 points and helping the team win. In the distant 50, second-level League of the NCAA there had also been a scoring madman who pervert, he called the Bebao-Francis, this June to play for the University of Rio Grande, in the match against Hillsdale in 1954, he cut down 113 points. And the NCAA scoring record is maintained by Francis, that was in 1953, in his game against Ashland Junior College competition, cut down 116 points.??

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