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The two of us hand air max 90 hyperfuse ukin hand, ran inside the stadium with its head like two

Posted Nov 29 2012 1:12am
Snow Yu nodded, she seems to have worried you. The fewer students towards the door, No, no. My face anxiously, a security uncle saw the two of us look and asked: "Little classmates, how?" "Uncle, we can not find our schools, our school students just came out, saw no . uncle, you just do not see the skirt wearing us, and we are just as holding a sunflower classmates? "I asked. "Security uncle, hurry up about it!" This skirt ... it seems ... too many people did not see too well, there may still inside, go in and see if you see them, I'll call you. "" Thank you. "We both hands tightly pulled together, for fear wandered off. Very afraid, but afraid of the two of us did a pillar, I had forced back the heart of fear, kept saying, okay, we cheap air max 2012 have to calm, sure to calm you!

The two of us hand  air max 90 hyperfuse uk in hand, ran inside the stadium, with its head like two, looking around. Stadium middle only those athletes ready to play, completely out of the shadows of our bouquets team. Do they go out? They leave our care? I thought hopelessly, "Xuan Yan, or we separately look at, they may be sitting in the audience." "In mind, although the probability is very small, but it is also possible, you go to the right side, I go to the left. "Well" I am full of hope ran toward the left, imagine the scene when the students see the bouquet team there, the reality is, after all, is the reality, and hope to go back looked very sad, Yu snow that side is not much better. My head suddenly scattered over an Emmanuel Yu snow, there are ways you!
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