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the top Italian handmade custom shoes brand Pakerson settled Beijing mall

Posted Oct 10 2012 3:43am

Pakerson story began in 1923 in Florence, tell not only the history of the growth of a brand, but also is a cheap Adidas Originals shoes family history of the development. Founder Brotini family has been in the Five Dynasties, has always insisted on hand craftsmanship to create shoes and boots. The family as early as the 19th century designed for the Duke of Tuscany, Italy Tuscany rulers special for adidas outlet store footwear, thus laying the cornerstone of Pakerson fine tradition and can be passed on from generation to generation. Currently, Pakerson has commenced business in Beijing Lufthansa Friendship Shopping.

in 1946 Pakerson workshop manual expansion into the factory, then successor Antonio, a former adidas jeremy scott shoes Chairman of the Association of Italian shoe, is a leader in the Italian footwear industry. Family history of entrepreneurship development and continuously pursuit by hand cheap adidas superstars shoes on sale to create the Italian luxury footwear in Italy and overseas markets are pushing the value of fine arts and crafts cheap adidas samba shoes for sale ambition from generation to generation, it is this exquisite handmade crafts Italy to obtain success in the world.the

in order to extend this classic every double Pakerson brand footwear made in Italy of Florence CerretoGuidi City factory completed. This is a historical cast, and, in reality, adidas jeremy scott sale the continuous integration and lead the current trend Pakerson brand; This is a traditional Italian handmade shoes craft inspiration constantly the sublimation of Pakerson brand; adidas high top shoes sale cheap online This is a symbol of the Italian tradition of hand-shoe technology enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty Pakerson brand.

since the brand was founded, each double Pakerson footwear made by a special process; Only inside in Pakerson company culture, the family from generation to generation of master craftsmen have special skills making Pakerson footwear before; thus, each the double Pakerson adidas wings shoes Footwear are unique, are appropriate to express the pursuit of luxury, distinctive unique This is adidas clima running shoes for sale Pakerson brands. Continue to build the brand culture, is regarded as the traditional Italian handmade shoes craft the perfect performance, Pakerson has become one of the leading brands of the international luxury market. Each Pakerson footwear customers can to easily feel Pakerson the quality, and because the unique process the Pakerson footwear unusually soft, lightweight, excellent toughness.

unique tailored service: Pakerson expression of traditional cultural values ??actually highlights Adidas Jeremy Scott for sale Pakerson products adidas originals shoes sale online that have a competitive advantage in the international market. The handmade of Pakerson custom sewing footwear epitomizes this competitive advantage: to highlight Italy's traditional manufacturing qualities of the fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern science and technology, embodies the perfect combination of aesthetic and pragmatic. Use their extraordinary skills, according to each customer's foot shape, handmade precision to create the wealth to the luxury fashion quality footwear, Pakerson create a humane and technology breath footwear system, each sales jeremy scott wings shoes terminal can scan mode acquisition to generate three-dimensional foot shape of each customer. Size of data sent electronically to Pakerson shoe last department, from the foot scan to finished product delivery, four weeks you can easily enjoy completely unique from Florence, Italy honorable custom service. This unique Pakerson brand popular with high society appreciates customized sewing services. Occupy the the Italian footwear high-end market of Pakerson cumulative value of the same unique process to win the top luxury goods market in the United States, opened a showroom in New York as early Adidas Jeremy Scott as in the adidas originals shoes sale online 1980s. Now the luxury goods market in Russia also. The Pakerson stores to get involved in the wealthy community of St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kazakhstan and Kiev. Arab royal family market and Eastern European upstart market is also Pakerson the the brand swept the major consumer groups.

Now, Italy traditional manual the custom shoes Pakerson brand to enter the Chinese JUPITER Jupiter brand already has a good reputation in the eyes of high-end consumers in China to expand the alliance, with each other in the international luxury leadership position in the market, definitely cheap adidas JS Wings Shoes sale take this luxury traditional adidas outlet store online hand experience to the limit. This strong combination of the idea of ??cooperation, not only is Pakerson and the JUPITER outlook on their own brand, is also a consideration Italy, a respected cultural style of pure handmade excellence to consolidate the Italian tradition of manufacturing the road. Currently, Pakerson has commenced business in Beijing Lufthansa Friendship Shopping.

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