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The outside of my right knee/upper calf hurts. What is it? What can I do for it?!!

Posted by Invictus

I was doing some acrobatic training. I did a double front flip off of the trampoline onto a mat. I landed under rotated with my knees bent. My calf was nearly touching my hamstring and it popped. It hurt really bad on the outside of my right knee just below my knee joint and right above my calf. Anytime when I bend my leg all the way it hurts really bad. It has also been popping alot when I walk or move it. If anyone knows what may have happened or what to do for it please let me know. Thanks
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hmmm...sounds like you might have torn an acl or meniscus. I've torn both my acl's and sounds just like your injury. You should probably get it checked out by a orthopedic doctor.
Ouch, I agree with Jennifer. You should definitely have a doctor take a look at it. What is the acrobatic training for? Snowboard/ski tricks?

A bit odd to post this on the basketball section of the site but I'll take a run at it anyway.

When the cruciate ligaments go they often make a pop like a champagne cork. So if the sound is the ONLY barometer for assessment, yes that's possible. One of those ligaments prevents the lower leg bone from moving forward of the thigh bone and the other prevents it from moving back. So if in your landing the shin vectored forward or backward, again that is possible.

The location of your pain however might tell another story.  And you don't mention any swelling, which can often be a good sign. Still, if you are seeking a repair or prescription then an orthopedic M.D. would be a good idea.

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