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The Expandable Rage Broadheads Collection

Posted Oct 11 2012 9:42am
The new collection of expandable rage broadheads is Nike 49ers jersey sparking a literal revolution both in terms of design and performance. In the expandable broadheads category, the rage broadheads offer a brand new design, which is the highlight of the new collection.Special deployment systemsThe new rage broadheads feature a patented SlipCam Rear Blade Deployment System. Every blade is placed with cutting edge portions on the outside. Once the broadhead touches the target then the blades will be pushed backwards inside the ferrule. Inside this space these blades cam out into completely open position. Unlike the conventional broadheads found in the market earlier, the new rage broadheads promise superior performance and functionality and come with many advantages.ShockLock systemsThe new technology known as ShockLock is another attractive and exciting new feature of these rage broadheads. This is all set to change the way bow hunters perceive expandable arrowheads. Usually, the conventional expandables work by starting their flight with blades moved forward and then keeping the over the top when the broadhead hits the target. However, in the case of rage broadheads the blades begin the flight with blades kept backwards. This facilitates the complete deployment of the expandables once the tip and blade find contact with the target game. This overall impact can cause a highly accurate and deadly blow to the game all in one single shot 49ers jersey. Thus, this is a strategic advantage to all bow hunters. The initial wound diameter is very large causing instant death to the animal. In fact, the blades are able to fully expand once they have initially impacted with the game. This makes the wound diameter which are twice the size produced from regular broadheads.Free of rubber bandAnother strategic advantage of the expandable rage broadheads is that these are free of rubber band. The locking system present internally is able to hold the blade back until it touches the game. Once impact is made the blades are completely deployed. The extra presence of a special o-ring absorber helps to absorb shocks from high impact hits. Incase the rage broadheads were to touch upon bone, then too these shock absorbers help absorb most of the impact and thus keep these broadheads performing well even after many years.Minimal deflectionAnother significant advantage that the rage broadheads have is that they help to reduce deflection to a bare minimum 49ers limited jersey. In the case of conventional broadheads there is a possibility of getting angled shots 49ers youth jersey. The special tip of the rage broadheads is able to make an incision on the very first contact, which then facilitates passage for the rear blades. This ensures that there is no loss in kinetic energy, which means that it is always a straight, accurate shot. The practice heads available from rage broadheads is in the three and two blade model types. With these cutting edge rage broadheads every bow hunter can now be assured that each shot is a powerful and perfect shot. All in all these represent great value for your money. 
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