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Taking it like a game.

Posted by Swati S.

Sometimes I see parents who get so worked up about their kids and how they are performing on the team that they take away all the fun out of the game. I understand that it is a competitive sport, but whatever happened to letting kids be kids. Anyway, I always thought that games were meant to be fun. What do you guys feel?

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In all sports, parents get way too invested. Some is just competitive, and others expect their kids to land lucrative college scholarships. It's unfortunate that sports have become all about the ends. What about the process? It's how you play the game - right?
I feel that we should let them perform on their team and when the competition is over that should be their time to let them be themselves. I love to see them run and play.
yea they should be fun. like today i was playing basketball , this one guy was getting so mad cus we werent playing that good but it didnt matter to me cus im here to play bball and have a good work out and fun time
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