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Sword Art Online Kirito Sword is the Best Weapon for Battle

Posted Jan 24 2013 9:16am

The weapon, a ring is indispensable as each myth in Sword Art Online game. Ruthless, invincible. Seeking the heartless, but in battle, the first is heartless, inverse central seal sources open to game player unbeaten myth of serious battle, average 10WXB. After the parties business efforts, collect material, in one fell swoop forged.

Sword art online Kirito sword is also in the top grade powerful weapon. Its origin is unknown, seems to be the follow-up activities.

Kirito sword is currently the highest level of variable stars refining, small evil known as equipment, the whole stars become at present has 3 pieces only, this piece of dragon and tiger, it's got to come, is also quite funny. Then one night with five lines are seeking 50 refining Earrings selected which, an uncle said five earrings you are rubbish. Then, seeking to refining may plan to add crushed them. Perhaps all cannot explain the things that can be attributed to RP, and then, yes, there is a direct 15. Yes, you are right, there is a direct 15. Then, is forging upgrade.

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