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Soccer jersey is the trends of fashion

Posted Nov 26 2012 5:44am
How to effectively improve the international competitiveness of China's textile and garment industry, the current difficulties encountered truly become the textile and garment industry from extensive development to grow stronger by the opportunity, how scientific development, to the new road to industrialization .... These are placed in China's textile and garment industry to be in front of solving difficult problems, but also the Chinese clothing Assembly the answer you're looking for.
As the year's largest soccer jerse y meeting organized by the China National Garment Association, China Garment Assembly member of the Association annual recalled Looking communication seminar concerned about, joint development of the annual event, the Association to promote the industry brand building, industrial upgrading can sustainable development an important platform of resources and services. 2012 China clothing Assembly will invite people outside the industry exchange of hope that the discussion of the development trends, the success of our experience and business wisdom collision, brand promotion feasible strategy for enterprise development can learn a lesson ideas for industry progress to provide credible direction.
Executive vice president of China National Garment Association, said Chen Dapeng, China National Garment Association will integrate industry work conference, and held eight parallel sessions, it is hoped that through innovation conference mode, integrated industry conference resources, the creation of a long-term, fixed new brand of high-end meeting, and by China Garment Assembly continued to hold the system deconstruction of the elements of the integrated innovation system in the whole industry chain, ultimately promote enterprises as the mainstay, market-oriented, science and technology, culture and talent to the industry The formation of the transformation and upgrading of the target industry chain integration innovation system.
In fact, Chinese soccer jersey wholesaler Assembly can be said is a convergence industry wisdom of "brainstorming", to discuss the new elements of the industry independent innovation system and methodology of Globalization, powerful and effective in real terms for the future development of Chinese clothing brand explore, and ultimately innovation system is sound, the implementation of industrial transformation and upgrading, clothing powers made clothing power shift.
Innovation highlight of the General Assembly in the form
China National Garment Association, the fifth of eight Council of the joint report on the work of men's, women's, children's clothing, soccer jersey, accessories, underwear Professional Committee of the China National Garment Association 2012 China National Garment Assembly Appetizers, half an hour will be able to overview the various annual development of the sub-sectors.
The total duration of one hour apparel industry annual viewpoints release link on the five Gangster style clothing entrepreneurs will be released in the identity of the vice president of China National Garment Association annual perspective. This is last year's the Chinese clothing Assembly no link. 
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